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Chromebook Login & Troubleshooting

Chromebook/Gmail Resources

Login Information

Having a Google account provides access to the entire G Suite (Drive, Gmail, Calendar, Classroom, etc.). To log in to a Chromebook, students should use their school Gmail accounts, which is their student ID number followed by (e.g., If students can not remember their password, they may come to the library media center if they are full time students or email the teacher librarian for assistance.

Chromebook Quick Fixes

The following four Chromebook operations will frequently resolve most issues. Students should perform them in the order listed. If these four “steps” do not resolve the issue, look through the additional Chromebook troubleshooting suggestions below. If a student has exhausted the troubleshooting efforts provided here, they should bring their Chromebook into the Library Media Center.

1. Update the Chrome OS
At the bottom or side of your screen is a row of apps called the shelf, which contains the date/time and other setting options.  Select this time box and then click on the setting icon (the small flower icon). On the left hand side of the settings menu, select About Chrome OS. This will open up the Chrome OS window that will indicate the version of Chrome running. To see if the device is up to date, click on the Chrome OS settings link OR click on the Check for updates button. Restart the device to finish the update. You may access these specific Chrome OS Updating step-by-step directions if you would like visual examples.
2. Clear the browsing data

Open a new tab and type  CTRL + H into the URL box. On the left hand side, click on Clear browsing data link. Check all the boxes possible, set time to ALL TIME and click the blue clear data button. This little fix takes care of a variety of issues.

3. Perform a hard reset 

If the screen is frozen, mouse won’t work, etc., try a hard reset. Hold down these 4 buttons at the same time until the screen goes black and continue to hold until the screen comes back on (another 10 seconds or so): CTRL + ALT+ REFRESH +POWER. (The CONTROL and ALT buttons are on the bottom left of the keyboard, and the REFRESH button is the circle arrow key in the top row.) If the screen doesn’t automatically turn on, push the power button to restart.

4. Remove Extra Extensions and Apps

In Chrome, type Chrome://extensions in the URL bar. This will provide you with a list of all the extensions enabled on a Chrome account. If the slide bar on an extension is blue, that means it is enabled. Each extension allows you to check its details or remove it entirely by clicking the corresponding button. Check to see if there are any apps or extensions not school or class work related. The fewer extensions running in the background, the faster the device will run, so disable unused extensions by clicking the blue bar to off.

Additional Chromebook Troubleshooting Links

Use the following links to troubleshoot specific issues with a Chromebook.

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