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Student Driving & Parking

Please keep in mind that there is a difference between the school permit and a parking permit. The school permit is issued by the Department of Transportation for the purpose of driving from home to school. It does not allow a student to park at the Southview Campus. A school parking permit allows a student to park on campus and is available on a first-come, first-served basis. Parking is limited. The administration reserves the right to revoke parking privileges for any student who fails to comply with building and district driving and parking rules and procedures.


Parking Rules

  • Board Policy #902.12 – Regulation of Parking designates that cars at school facilities must only be parked in designated parking spaces or be towed at the owner’s expense. Students parking on campus without a registration tag, in non-designated parking areas, or violating any of the above rules may result in towing the vehicle at the owner’s expense.
    • Students must register their vehicle annually in order to park on campus.
    • Registration for the school year begins during orientation. Parking regulations and registration papers can be picked up at the school office.
    • Vehicle registrations will not be accepted prior to orientation.
    • Permits may not be sold or transferred.
    • Students are required to park in designated student parking areas.
    • Students must receive permission from the high school’s main office to go to their vehicle during the school day.

Pick Up and Drop Off

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