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December 5, 2023

Milestone for OPUS: Most successful year in our district’s history


This year marked a historic milestone for OPUS, as it stands out as the most successful in our district’s history. This fall, a remarkable eighty-one students from Ankeny Community School District, spanning grades sixth through ninth, earned the privilege of participating in the esteemed 37th Annual Opus Honor Choir Festival hosted by the Iowa Choral Directors Association. This achievement not only surpassed the representation of any other school district in the state but also set a new record in Ankeny’s own history.

Out of a pool of over twenty-four hundred nominated students, spanning the specified grades, the diligent efforts of Ankeny students resulted in securing one hundred-eighty coveted positions across the four OPUS Honor Choirs. The selection process involved judges evaluating recorded auditions from each nominated student. The grand culmination of this achievement took place on Thursday, November 16, when the 2023 Opus Honor Choirs delivered a stellar performance at CY Stephens Auditorium in Ames.

Heartfelt congratulations are extended to the numerous Ankeny students who dedicated themselves to this endeavor, with special recognition to the exceptional talents of the following selected musicians and their directors: Emma Feldhans and David Sponder from Parkview; Emily Battani and Lisa Rehms from Prairie Ridge; Riley Anderson and Samantha Thomas from Northview; and Jill Bjorklund and Nick Oswald from Southview. Notably, Sebastian Rivera-Alvarez from Prairie Ridge, along with Evan Bahr, Will Heldt, and Ty Porter from Northview, and William Peterson, William Peverill, and Luke Vesperman from Southview, earned the distinguished honor of being selected as solo finalists for the festival, with Ty Porter additionally earning the prestigious distinction of being chosen as a soloist.

A resounding congratulations to all for this outstanding achievement!

PR=Prairie Ridge
*Solo Finalist
#Selected Soloist
~Selected for All-State Choir

5th/6th Choir

Beckett Adams (PV)
Kenzie Collum (PV)
Lilly Gardner (PR)
Matthew Houser (PR)
Hayden Kent (PV)
Gracyn Leaper (PV)
Amanda Mitchell (PV)
Liv Riley (PV)
Jordyn Robbins (PV)
Cambriah Van Horn (PV)

7th/8th Bass Clef Choir

Ian Anderson (NV)
*Evan Bahr (NV)
Chatham Beck (PR)
Roman Bockes (PV)
Jared Bond (NV)
Maxwell Danielson (SV)
Brody Ford (SV)
Logan Freeseman (SV)
Alex Fritz (PV)
Alex Hall (SV)
*Will Heldt (NV)
Martell Holloway (SV)
August Lehman (SV)
Luke Menke (PV)
Joseph Montgomery (SV)
Adrian Moralez (SV)
Ben Niermeyer (SV)
Charles ONeal (SV)
*William Peterson (SV)
*William Peverill (SV)
#Ty Porter (NV)
Derek Pross (SV)
*Sebastian Rivera-Alvarez (PR)
Xander Schmitz (SV)
Grant Van Thomme (SV)
*Luke Vesperman (SV)
Weston White (PV)
Joseph Wilburn (SV)

7th/8th Treble Clef Choir

Elin Alber (SV)
Angelina Bezuhlova (SV)
Cadence Bishop (NV)
Krista Bogers (NV)
Camryn Bright (SV)
Kylie Butcher (SV)
Gwen Carl (SV)
Delaney DeAngelo (NV)
Ellie Espe (SV)
Peyton Griffith (NV)
Haylee Johnson (PV)
Zena Jorgensen (NV)
Audi Munoz (PR)
Megan Paintner (SV)
Grace Poskevich (NV)
Madi Shreffler (PR)
Elisabeth Skog (PR)
Autumn Underwood (NV)
Mercy Unguec (SV)
Camryn Van Houten (SV)

9th Mixed Choir

^Avery A’Hearn (NV)
Austin Albaugh (SV)
Mila Badillo (SV)
Calista Beck (NV)
Calvin Brincks (NV)
Dagny Bubon (SV)
Seth Buxton (SV)
Caleb Crouse (SV)
Emily Doubleday (SV)
Natalie Ford (SV)
Maylin Gustafson (SV)
Jack Kent (SV)
Andrew Langholz (NV)
~JJ Menke (SV)
~Logan Peterson (SV)
Sara Phillips (SV)
Gus Ringholz (NV)
Blake Sauer (SV)
^Ryan Schumacher (SV)
Kylee Shanks (SV)
Berritt Sipes (SV)
^Alaina Wesner (NV)
Gabby Williams (SV)


November 29, 2023

Winter Weather Closing and Delays

As Winter weather approaches, please be familiar with the ACSD Closing and Delay Notification System

November 21, 2023

Lifetouch Studio Retake Day

You may have kids that still need to be photographed that missed retake day. We can help!

Again this year we will have 3 locations where parents can bring their children to have a photo taken.

What: Lifetouch Studio Retake Day

Date: Thursday, December 7th Time: 4:00 pm to 7:30 pm

Location: Urbandale, Iowa – Bettendorf, Iowa – Omaha, Nebraska (address listed in signup)

How to sign up: Click the link of the location you will be attending







If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. Thank you!

Geri Hanna
Account Specialist


October 18, 2023

2023-2024 Winter Athletic Information

2023-2024 Winter Athletic Information

Athletic Participation REQUIRED information

  • Parents, please complete our online registration process ASAP if you have a winter student/athlete.
  • Your student must have an updated physical and completed online registration to participate. Here is the link to complete the registration:


The winter season offers 8th grade athletes a split-season structure in the CIML conference that offers Girls’ Basketball, Girls’ Wrestling & Boys’ Wrestling in the early season (mid October – late December) and Boys’ Basketball in the late winter season (late December – late February). Please see the details below.

Click here to view any of our CIML sports team schedules.


8th Boys Wrestling

Practice begins Monday October 16  – contact coach Jon Bingham with questions:


8th Girls Wrestling

Practice begins Monday October 16 – contact coach Mykel Carlson with questions:


9-12th Boys Wrestling

Practice begins Monday, November 13 – contact coach Jon Bingham with questions:


9-12th Girls Wrestling

Practice starts October 30th – contact coaches Dustin Roland or Olivia Willers with questions:


8th Girls Basketball

Practice begins Thursday, October 12 – contact coach Taylor Hubbard with questions:


JV1/JV2 Girls Basketball

Practice begins Monday, November 6 – contact coaches Codee Meyers or Brittney Falco with questions:


8th Boys Basketball

Practice begins Wednesday, January 3 – contact coach Taylor Hubbard with questions:


9th Boys Basketball

Practice begins Monday, November 13 – contact coach Gabe Carlson with questions:


9-12th Boys Swimming

Practice begins Monday, November 6 – contact coach Dustin Rhoads with questions:


8th Boys/Girls Swimming

Practice begins Monday, February 12 – contact coach Steve Jones with questions:


9th  Boys/Girls Bowling

Practice begins Monday, November 6 – contact coach Nick Payton with questions:















October 4, 2023

Digital Student IDs Coming Soon for Grades 6-12

Beginning November 1, all students in grades 6-12 will have access to a digital student ID through an app called Minga. While all students will continue to receive a physical student ID card, students who choose to utilize the digital ID will have access to an ID that replicates and functions the same as their physical ID. This includes the ability to use the digital ID for admittance to athletic events for students with SATs and K-8 activity passes.  Click here for more information, including how to access Minga.

September 7, 2023

New! Absence Request Feature on Infinite Campus


We are excited to introduce a convenient new way to report student absences to your school! The Absence Request tool in the Infinite Campus Parent Portal allows you to report your student’s absence online with just a few clicks. This can be done using your desktop computer or the Parent Portal app on your mobile device.

Entering an absence request is quick and easy. Follow these simple steps:

  1. Log in to your Infinite Campus Parent Portal account.
  2. Select your child’s profile.
  3. Navigate to the Absence Request section.
  4. Fill in the required information, including the date and reason for the absence.
  5. Submit your request.

Visit this Absence Request Guide for detailed information on how to report absences.

Per the student handbook, students who know they will be absent for a reason other than a school-sponsored trip or school-sponsored activity must have a parent notify the school’s office in advance of the absence. This notification can be provided using the Absence Request tool outlined above, or by phone call, e-mail, or written note.

August 15, 2023

NEW! Security Practices – Please Read

One of the great things about Ankeny Schools is the community’s support of our athletics and activities. These events bring thousands of people together to celebrate the achievement of students. Because security is of utmost importance, the district continues to review its practices and identify areas of improvement at such events. As a result, we will be implementing some new security measures this Fall for our activities and events.


Security practices that will continue:

  • Grades 6-12 must wear school ID while at the game
  • Footballs are not allowed
  • No baby powder, confetti, signs, noisemakers
  • No weapons (real or look-alike)
  • The North gate will remain secured at all times unless a team, band, or emergency personnel need access to the stadium

New security practices:

  • Families will be encouraged to ensure that students in grades K-5 be accompanied by an adult
  • Entrance to the stadium before an event will not be allowed
  • There will be no re-entry after leaving the stadium
  • Spectators will not be allowed to bring backpacks and large handbags into the stadium; Diaper bags or medical bags are allowed, but are subject to search
  • No outside food or drink
  • No access without a ticket or pass, including after halftime

These recommendations are the result of numerous conversations with security experts and a review of our current practices. Security can often be at odds with convenience. Our goal is to provide a safe environment for our students and spectators. We look forward to cheering on the Hawks and Jaguars with you this Fall.