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February 8, 2021

Future Ready Week

Southview students will register for courses for the 21-22 school year this month. Counselors will meet with all students the first two weeks of February to learn about possible pathways to a meaningful career.

The week of February 15, students will:

  • Work with their teachers to create or update a four year plan for high school courses
  • Select courses aligned with career interests
  • Request courses for the 21-22 school year

On February 22, a presentation will be available for the parents of current 8th grade students. At any point in the process, parents and students may schedule a virtual appointment with a school counselor.


Future Ready Week info from AHS for current 9th graders

The 2nd Annual Ankeny Future Ready “Night” begins on February 8th and will run through February 19th. This year our “NIGHT” has turned into a website with all the information that parents/guardians and students will need in order to select courses for the 2021-2022 school year. Within the website, you will have the opportunity to learn about a variety of programs, resources and opportunities available to our students. Last year parents were only able to choose up to four different sessions to attend, but this year all of these sessions are available via the website. Each of these sessions will provide you with tools to help your student select courses that align with their post-secondary plan.

Future Ready Night Website

On February 16 or February 17 from 4:00-8:00pm, 9th Grade families will be able to schedule a 15-minute meeting with an AHS school counselor. Families do not need to meet with their student’s counselor unless they want to. To schedule this meeting use the following information (a zoom link will be available when you schedule the meeting):

AHS Counselors:

Ms. Audrey Bell – Feb 16 – 4-8 pm –

Mr. David Patterson – Feb 16 – 4-8 pm –

Ms. Mici Vos – Feb 17 – 4-8 pm –

Ms. Laura Chapman (sub for Ms. Kelly Andrews) – Feb 17 – 4-8 pm –